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Ma Tau Wai Road / Chun Tin Street Project (eResidence)

8 Hok Yuen Street
3,377 square meters
Affected buildings
33 street numbers of buildings
Affected population
Affected property interests
Ma Tau Wai Road / Chun Tin Street Project (eResidence)
Ma Tau Wai Road / Chun Tin Street Project (eResidence)

Project Development Information

Total GFA 24,398 square meters
Residential Flats 493
Commercial GFA About 3,114 square meters
G/IC GFA About 952 square meters (community facilities)
Open Space About 500 square meters

Project Status

Project completed in 2020

Building Collapsed

The project involves a cluster of 2 rows of 50-year-old-plus tenement buildings, 1 of which collapsed in whole on 29 Jan 2010, resulting in a tragedy of causalities, homeless families, as well as deep impact of the most on the residents living within the cluster.  The tragedy has aroused immense social awareness of the serious problem of aging privately-owned buildings in Hong Kong.  Within a month's time the URA was tasked by the Government to redevelop the site and before that take on prompt action to provide measures for meeting the occupant's rehousing and compensation needs, particularly in view of helping those remaining residents within the cluster suffering from psychological burden caused by the tragedy.

Re-building Affordable Flats for the Community

Owing to the special nature of this project, the URA has pledged to be the developer in carrying forward the actual construction of this project.  The aim is to create more small sized and affordable flat units in the district.  Existing domestic owner-occupiers will be offered EIPA (Expression of Interest on Purchasing Arrangement) for this project.  In the future development the 2-storey high commercial floors will be mainly small shops to re-create the street ambience and be more compatible with the district.  Sizable community facilities and also an at-grade open space will be introduced to further integrate the redevelopment with the local community.

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