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Queen’s Road West / Kwai Heung Street Development Project (C&W-007)

2 – 8 Kwai Heung Street (even nos.); 269 – 275 and 287 – 297 Queen’s Road West (odd nos.); and 18 Sung Hing Lane
About 1,295 sq.m. (subject to site survey)
Affected buildings
About 15 street no. of buildings
Affected population
About 201 persons
Affected property interests
About 77 interests
Affected households
About 74 households
Queen’s Road West / Kwai Heung Street Development Project  (C&W-007)
Queen’s Road West / Kwai Heung Street Development Project (C&W-007)
Queen’s Road West / Kwai Heung Street Development Project  (C&W-007)
Queen’s Road West / Kwai Heung Street Development Project (C&W-007)

Project Development Information

Total GFA About 10,150 sq.m.
Residential GFA About 8,950 sq.m.
Non-Domestic GFA About 1,200 sq.m. (including about 150sq.m. for G/IC uses)

Project Status

Project commencement was gazetted on 2 December 2022.

The Secretary for Development (SDEV) has considered the project and the related information and authorized the URA to proceed with the project without any amendment on 5 September 2023. The SDEV’s decision was first published in the Gazette on 15 September 2023.

Any objector who considers to be aggrieved by the decision of SDEV may appeal on or before 16 October 2023. The URA will only issue acquisition offers to owners of domestic and non-domestic property interests when there are no notices of appeal filed within the appeal period, or after the dismissal of all appeal(s), if any. After acquiring the properties concerned, the URA will also offer the ex-gratia allowance or rehousing arrangement to eligible tenants.

Project Programme

Project commenced in December 2022.

Target completion by 2031/32.

Proposed Redevelopment

Under a “planning-led” and “district-based” urban renewal approach, the Project will integrate redevelopment (R1) and revitalization (R4) initiatives to expand URA’s continuous urban renewal works in the area.

The Project would enhance the overall accessibility and connectivity of the area and at the same time create synergy with the adjoining redevelopments for greater planning gain. The key planning objectives and proposals of the Project includes: 

  1. Provide a new public open space (POS) of about 150sq.m. for public enjoyment;
  2. Open-up the Sung Hing Lane (SHL) Children’s Playground towards Queen’s Road West to enhance its connectivity and accessibility;
  3. Provide about 180 new residential units with commercial / retail facilities; and about 150sq.m. non-domestic GFA for government, institution or community (GIC) facilities; and
  4. Revitalise SHL Children’s Playground to uplift the facilities and enhance environment (subject to agreement with relevant government departments).