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Planning Procedure

Development Scheme VS Development Project

Under the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance (URAO), the URA may implement a project by way of a development scheme, when the project area requires an amendment to the land use zoning indicated in the Outline Zoning Plan (OZP); or a development project, when amendment of the land use indicated in the OZP is not required. Each year the URA has to prepare a draft corporate plan setting out the proposed programme of projects for the next five years and a draft business plan setting out the projects to be implemented in the next financial year for the approval of the Financial Secretary.

Freezing Survey

On commencement day (the date on which a project is first published in the Government Gazette), the URA will conduct a freezing survey to determine eligibility of affected persons for ex-gratia allowances or re-housing. The applicable acquisition policy will be announced upon the implementation of a project.

Social Impact Assessment

The URA will carry out a Stage 1 social impact assessment or update any earlier social impact assessment commissioned by District Urban Renewal Forum (DURF) before the publication of any proposed redevelopment project in the Government Gazette. A Stage 2 social impact assessment including proposed mitigation measures will be carried out after the proposed project has been published in the Government Gazette. Click here to know more.

Objections and Appeals

There are different procedures for handling objections and appeals to URA projects depending on the nature of the project. Click here to know more.