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Yau Mong District Study

Planning Objectives

In order to tackle the growing problem of urban decay more effectively, there is a need for carrying out a comprehensive study and developing new approach and strategy for urban renewal, with an aim to breaking through the dilemma and constraints faced today. The URA has commenced a two-year District Study for Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok (“Yau Mong District Study”) in 2017. Yau Mong is a densely built and populated area with over 50% of buildings over 50 years, many of which has exceeded development intensity permitted under existing planning and legislation regime, posing a great challenge to urban renewal.

The Yau Mong District Study covers a total area of about 212 hectares, comprising more than 3,300 buildings. The study covers the following areas:
  • Conduct baseline review on urban decay, density, demographic, building condition and occupancy status, socio-economic, historical and cultural features of the study area to master the breadth and depth of the issues.
  • Carry out technical and feasibility assessments including road network, pedestrian linkage, infrastructure needs and environmental impacts, in order to prioritize potential urban renewal areas.
  • Review constraints in urban renewal from the prevailing legislative, institutional and implementation framework and search for breakthroughs in implementation of the future urban renewal works.

Based on the above analysis and assessments, the URA will formulate new ideas and direction for long-term planning and implementation models for taking forward the future urban renewal strategies with practicable and viable proposals.

Master Renewal Concept Plan Options and Institutional and Implementation Strategy

The new strategies and approach developed under the Yau Mong District Study will be translated into:

  • Master Renewal Concept Plan (MRCP) Options with identification of Action Areas for detailed proposals, and;
  • Recommended Institutional and Implementation (I&I) Strategy.

The outcomes of the Yau Mong District Study will encompass strategies and initiatives for redevelopment, rehabilitation, preservation and revitalisation, with an addition of retrofitting. Smart city and placemaking initiatives will also be integrated into the Yau Mong District Study, with an aim to enhance the effectiveness of urban renewal and to inject new life, create unique character and improve the living conditions of the community.

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