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URA as Implementer

To tackle the problem of urban decay more effectively, redevelopment will take more diverse forms with the URA as "implementer" or "facilitator" in order to respond to owners' aspirations.

As an implementer

The URA, as an "implementer" in redevelopoment, will either initiate a redevelopment project on its own or may respond to a joint approach from building owners to initiate redevelopment of their lot(s)/building(s) (Demand-led Redevelopment Project (Pilot Scheme)). After considering factors like the building conditions, the recommendation by the District Urban Renewal Forum (DURF) and other factors, the URA may commence a redevelopment project in accordance with the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance. Under the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance (URAO), the URA may implement a project by way of a development project or a development scheme.

Demand-led redevelopment is the URA's response to the requests by interested property owners to implement redevelopment of their buildings/lots under the URA Ordinance and the prevailing acquisition, compensation and rehousing policies will apply. Consent of majority owners is required under this approach.

Recent Demand-led applications have not been conducive to the Demand-led Scheme's objectives and such an outcome necessitates a holistic review of the Scheme.  The URA would take the opportunity of the Yau Mong District Study to conduct such a review to achieve a sustainable outcome and comprehensive planning gains.