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"H18" mobile App was developed by the Urban Renewal Authority in collaboration with tenants of sites under the Peel Street / Graham Street Development Scheme (H18). It connects Graham Market, H18 CONET tenants and the community through their flavours, aiming to maintain existing networks and local characteristics, while promoting a living and retail business model that keeps up with changing urban contexts.

The App has four main features, including: "H18 Market" which facilitates users to place orders with market merchants, "Graham Stories" which introduces historical stories as well as authentic experiences of business entrepreneurship and legacy building in the area, “Recipes” which allows users to explore cooking ideas and share recipes, and "Get e-ticket" service which saves users’ the hassle of queueing and brings convenience to the community.



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Members of the public can download the SPORTS EXPO mobile app and experience the Augmented Reality (AR) games in the SPORTS EXPO, turning different corners of THE FOREST shopping mall into virtual sports fields. Just look for game-exclusive QR codes in the mall and on the rooftop garden and scan to experience different sports fun such as basketball, billiard, swimming and bowling. Users can also take photos with star athletes through AR while hunting the camera checkpoints in the mall.



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TW Smart Parking

TW Smart Parking provides the users with the easiest way to reach real time car park vacancy data, parking rate and one-touch navigation to the developments in Tsuen Wan. This application enhances convenience for drivers in reducing unnecessary car journeys and relieves traffic congestion. By making use of real time parking information in the district and communication technology, URA aims to promote Smart City concept in Hong Kong starting from its redeveloped projects in Tsuen Wan.



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The Urban Renewal Exploration Centre (‘UREC’) app facilitates booking of guided tours at UREC and docent in old urban districts to enhance the public’s understanding in URA’s work and urban renewal in Hong Kong.



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