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Arts & Culture

Community Arts and Culture in Urban Renewal

The URA believes that while improving the building condition and built environment remains an important part of urban renewal, the vision of urban renewal should embrace the concept of enhancing the quality of living of residents in old urban areas. In August 2011, the URA launched a strategic implementation framework for community arts and culture, aiming to integrate arts and cultural elements in urban renewal that would help underscore this vision.

The pilot action plan comprises five initiatives:

  1. Dedicated fund for arts and cultural activities in old urban areas.
  2. Work with local groups in organising arts and cultural programmes that are related to urban renewal.
  3. Fully utilise its venues and facilities, as well as acquired and yet-to-be demolished premises.
  4. Encourage its joint venture partners to fully utilise public open spaces and malls for staging arts and cultural activities.
  5. Inject cultural elements into urban renewal projects.


 Arts and Cultural Partnership Programme in Old Urban Districts

(Video content in Chinese only)

The URA introduces the "Arts and Cultural Partnership Programme in Old Urban Districts" (ACPP) to provide financial support to local organisations in organising arts and cultural programmes which are able to bring arts/culture to the local community, or bring the local community to the appreciation of arts/culture.

Please click here for the application details: Pamphlet / Application Form 

Completed programmes supported by the ACPP include:

Enquiries: 2588 2333 or