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Rehabilitation Schemes


Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme

Building rehabilitation is an important segment of urban renewal, it extends the useful life of buildings effectively and enable residents to enjoy their living. In order to facilitate owners to carry out building repair and maintenance more effectively, URA has integrated various building assistance and subsidy schemes, and launched an all-in-one “Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme”, which aims at facilitating buildings owners to apply for and acquire various assistance and subsidy schemes more easily.

With an all-in-one concept, the recomposed “Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme” provides building owners upon their needs with various services including  “Common Area Repair Works Subsidy”, “Operation Building Bright 2.0”, “Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme”, “Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme”, “Mandatory Building Inspection Subsidy Scheme”, “Building Drainage System Repair Subsidy Scheme”, “Water Safety Plan Subsidy Scheme”, “Smart Tender - Building Rehabilitation Facilitating Services”, “Home Renovation Interest-free Loan”, and “Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Needy Owners”. The integrated scheme can also be the platform for applying for “Building Safety Loan Scheme” of Buildings Department.

Owners’ organisations or owners are only required to submit a simple application form for the maintenance works to be carried out for their buildings or individual units. URA will, in accordance with the criteria concerned, building condition and needs, provide suitable technical and financial support. Owners’ organizations or owners are no longer required to submit separate applications for different subsidy services. URA believes the integration of services and streamlining of application procedures, will encourage and smoothly commence the repair works. Building owners are the ones responsible for proper building management and maintenance. URA believes through the refinements of the rehabilitation schemes, can actively encourage owners for carrying out timely building repairs and maintenance, to improve building safety and environmental hygiene and extend the useful life of buildings effectively.

The Audited Financial Statements of four Scheme Funds are available for public information.

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