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Organisation Structure

Urban Renewal Authority

Effective from 18 October 2023

URA Board
Managing Director
Executive Director (Operations)
  • Development and Implementation of Policies and Initiatives on Building Rehabilitation and Retrofitting
  • Promotion of Building Rehabilitation and Retrofitting
  • Management of Building Rehabilitation Platform
  • Acquisition of Properties for Redevelopment
  • Rehousing and Compensation to Tenants in Redevelopment Projects
  • Policies on Various Allowances for Owners, Rehousing and Ex-gratia Allowances for Tenants in Redevelopment Projects
  • Collaboration with Urban Renewal Social Service Teams to assist Residents and Shop Operators in Redevelopment Projects
  • Supporting Government in Land Resumption Works
  • Clearance of Redevelopment Sites
  • Management of Properties Pending Redevelopment and URA’s Rehousing Blocks
  • Implementation of 'Project Engagement' Programme
  • Facilitating Services to (a) Owners for Joint Sale of their properties; (b) NGOs to Redevelop Under-utilized Sites; and (c) Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Societies for Dissolution of their Societies
  • Management of Joint Venture Development Projects and Development Agreements
  • Development of Self-development Projects
  • Revitalisation Projects
  • Property Upkeeping Works for Acquired Properties and Demolition Projects
  • Standards and Quality for Development Projects
  • Environmental and Sustainability Provision and Smart Building Initiative for Development Projects
  • In-house Legal Services
  • Procurement and Tender for Joint Venture Developers
Executive Director (Commercial)
  • Project Planning and Design Preparation
  • District Planning Strategic Studies and Urban Renewal Project Identification
  • Formulation and Implementation of Integrated Urban Renewal Approach
  • Preparation of Corporate Plan and Business Plan
  • Preparation of Social Impact Assessments
  • Development Schemes and Planning Applications for Submission to Town Planning Board
  • Handling of Development Projects' Objections
  • Preparation of Design Control for Joint Venture Redevelopment Projects
  • Corporate Data Management and Technological Support for Urban Renewal Information System
  • Project Feasibility Studies, Ownership Pattern Analysis, Assessment of Acquisition Offers and Project Acquisition Strategy
  • Financial Assessments of Potential Projects for Corporate and Business Plans
  • Land Grant, Land Administration and Road Closure Gazette
  • Preparation of Commercial Terms of Joint Venture Tender
  • Handling of Leasing and Sale of URA/JV Projects
  • Leasing, Asset Management, Placemaking and Community Making of URA Owned Properties
  • Sale of URA Starter Home Project
  • Management of URA Public Open Space
  • District Study and Planning Strategy Development
  • Planning Reserve and Preliminary Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Reserve Management and Review
  • Assessment of Redevelopment of NGO Site for Multiple Uses
  • Urban Decay Index Study and Development
  • Secretary to the Board
  • Corporate Services
  • Corporate Objectives Formulation and Evaluation
  • Community Engagement Strategy, Programmes and Projects
  • District Advisory Committees
  • Press Relations and Social Media Communications
  • Publicity, Promotions, Corporate Publications and Website
  • Education and Extensions Programmes
  • Arts and Cultural Partnership Programme in Old Urban Districts
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes
  • Urban Renewal Exploration Centre
  • Sponsorship; Local and Overseas Visits
  • Public Enquiries, Requests for Assistance and Complaints
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • General Accounting
  • Treasury and Funding Management
  • Financial Support and Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Transformation and System Development
  • Data Science
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Human Resources Services
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Rewards Management
  • Human Resources Management System and Analytics
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Office Accommodation and Facilities Management
Audit Committee
  • Operational & Value-for-Money Audits
  • Review of Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Whistleblowing Policy Execution