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Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)

The Scheme comprises three sites (refer to Site Plan): The Main Site: broadly bounded by Carpenter Road, Lung Kong Road, Nga Tsin Wai Road and Hau Wong Road (but exclude Billionnaire Avant at 56-66 Nga Tsin Long Road). The Eastern Site: broadly bounded by existing buildings, Prince Edward Road East, Tak Ku Ling Road Rest Garden and Tak Ku Ling Road. The Northern Site: within Carpenter Road Park.
About 37,061 sq.m.
Affected buildings
About 123 street nos. of buildings
Affected population
About 1,640 persons
Affected property interests
About 1,006 interests
Affected households
About 820 households
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)
Nga Tsin Wai Road / Carpenter Road Development Scheme (KC-017)

Project Development Information

Total GFA About 227,718 sq.m
Commercial GFA About 25,302 sq.m. (exclude about 47,000 sq.m. non-domestic GFA proposed for GIC provision)
Residential GFA About 202,416 sq.m.

Project Status

The Government Gazette for the commencement of the Development Scheme (“the Project”) was first published on 27 May 2022 and a freezing survey was conducted in the project area on the same day. 

According to section 25 of Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance, the Urban Renewal Authority (“URA”) had submitted a draft Development Scheme Plan (“DSP”) of the Project, including the Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Social Impact Assessment (“SIA”) Reports to the Town Planning Board (“TPB”) for consideration. 

On 28 October 2022, the TPB published the draft DSP under section 5 of Town Planning Ordinance for public inspection at the venues specified in the Government Gazette.  On 14 April 2023, the TPB conducted a meeting to consider the representations and comments received on the draft DSP during the public inspection period.

The Chief Executive in Council (“CE in C”) approved the draft DSP of the Project on 5 September 2023 and published the decision in the Gazette on 8 September 2023.  The approved DSP no. S/K10/URA3/2 of the Project was published for public inspection on the same day.

As the Project has been approved by CE in C, the URA has issued acquisition offers and compensation to the affected owners and tenants according to prevailing policies.

Project Programme

Project commenced in May 2022.

New Government Complex (include New Kowloon City Market) target to be completed by 2030. Other parts targeted completion by 2034 – 2037/2038.

Proposed Redevelopment

The Project aims to re-structure and re-plan the Scheme area through redevelopment and integration of other urban renewal initiatives to achieve wider planning gains for the community.   

The key planning objectives and proposals of the Project includes:

  • Non in-situ reprovisioning of the existing G/IC facilities along Hau Wong Road to minimise disruption to GIC facilities and services; and to optimize land potential under “One site multiple uses” principle to provide additional space for community to meet community needs.
  • Re-planning of land uses to create over 10,450 sq.m. of at-grade landscaped diversified space to bring greenery and activity space in the core area for public enjoyment.
  • Enhance the strategic gateway location of Lung Tong area by creating a gateway square between the Lung Tong area and Kai Tak Development Area (KTDA);
  • Enhance local historical characters by preserving urban grid street pattern and historic buildings to retain street ambience, with on-street small shops design in new development to accentuate local cultural and dining characters;
  • Provide underground public vehicle park to alleviate district’s parking demand and create opportunity for pavement widening with removal of some on-street parking spaces;
  • Replanning of traffic and pedestrian network to create comfortable walking environment; and integration of revitalization and rehabilitation works under separate urban renewal actions to enhance connectivity and walkability of the area;

The Project may also include other facilities and uses as required by the TPB.