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Assistance for Timely Rehabilitation

We are tasked to improve the living standard of households in older urban areas. While rehabilitation takes an irreplaceable role in the whole process of urban renewal to extend the lifespan of buildings, to beautify the façade and to slow down the pace of urban decay.

Due to the concerns of bid rigging in building renovation industry, we establish the trust with the building owners by providing professional advice and technical support for empowering the community to tackle the issue of aging buildings. The personal assistance is much valued by the building owners as the financial assistance provided through the rehabilitation schemes. To go one step further, a Building Rehab Info Net has been set up to provide hands-on and practical information of building rehabilitation and our schemes for the property owners to acquire more knowledge to work on the rehabilitation process with joint efforts.

Building Rehab Info Net

Assisting Households in Ageing Districts

Within the redevelopment process, regenerating the area from dilapidated buildings with safety hazards and hygiene problems to qualified living homes, it takes tremendous efforts in acquisition.

We provide options to property owners in cash compensation with ex-gratia payments to purchase replacement premises in better conditions to improve their quality of life, and flat-for-flat option for those owners preferring to buy a flat at the same site after redevelopment or designated Kai Tak Flat-for-Flat development for immediate transition.

On the other hand, domestic tenants were offered cash compensation or rehousing in public rental flats or units in the URA’s rehousing blocks. The patience and compassion of our staff involved in the rehousing arrangement were again rewarded by our service receivers with a number of commendation letters.

Assisting Households in Ageing District

Project Engagement Programme

In To Kwa Wan projects, we take extra mile to strengthen community outreach and establish trustworthy relationships with affected residents through our Project Engagement Programme, which was kick-started in October 2016.  Our internal staff serves to complement the work of Urban Renewal Social Services Teams of project areas and bridge the residents to URA directly. Since the launch, we completed for four of the To Kwa Wan projects (i.e. Projects KC-009, KC-010, KC-011 and KC-012) within the year, with visits paid to about 2,840 occupiers and owner-landlords.  Many of the visits were conducted outside office hours.

Project Engagement Programme