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Environmental Commitment

Our aim:

To create an environmentally-sustainable, high quality and vibrant urban environment providing better homes in Hong Kong .

We are committed to:

  • meeting all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • reducing consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy) by efficiency, reuse, recovery or recycling where feasible and consequently reduce waste.
  • adopting technologies and using raw materials which minimize pollution, energy use and waste where applicable.
  • planning, designing and implementing projects in such a way as to minimise the adverse environmental effects of new developments in construction, operation and demolition.
  • providing and promoting environmental education and training.
  • working with our partners (affected communities, tenants, owners, Government, development and financial institutions, professionals and academics) to find acceptable solutions which minimise our impact on the environment and prevent pollution.
  • communicating our environmental objectives, efforts and achievements to the public.
  • adopting "green" purchasing where appropriate and expecting high environmental standards from suppliers, joint venture partners and contractors who work with or for us.

Our environmental initiatives: