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Promoting Green-and-Smart Buildings

We believe the associated environmental impacts with our projects are substantial and far-reaching, which is critical to investigate in energy savings and other green measures with our partners. For our projects, we strive to attain the accreditation of BEAMPlus Platinum and Gold ratings for complying with our high environmental standard.

To prevail with the concept of Smart Environment, we incorporate various smart features like home energy and water consumption systems, home health and wellness systems, smart display, home waste management systems, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and building management systems in our latest projects, to accelerate our citizens’ quality of life and match with nowadays and future needs.

On the side of rehabilitation, URA has introduced the Green Item Subsidy (GIS) under the “Common Area Repair Works Subsidy” scheme in providing monetary support to encourage property owners to use environmentally-friendly building materials and install energy-saving facilities for any building maintenance and repair works.  

Kai Tak Development


Citywalk Vision City

Applying Green Innovative Technology for Low-carbon Neighbourhood

To adopt a more scientific approach in our works of urban renewal, we partner with universities and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong to jointly study on environmental technology applications. Biofilter system and Pavegen’s energy flooring system are the two major piloting green initiatives carrying out in our managed property – H6 CONET for improving indoor air quality and generating electricity by pedestrian walk through electro-magnetic induction.  We aim to preserve the environment through applying innovative measures and to educate the public through their experiential learning.

Biofiliter System at H6 CONET

Promoting Walkability

To shape Hong Kong as a walkable city is one of our planning objectives, while the URA is exploring pedestrian friendly design in our district-based projects and the Yau Mong District Study. In the prior of time, URA established a pilot pedestrian connectivity initiative to revamp the H6 CONET and formed multiple Community Corridors to open up the indoor space as a commute passageway for promoting walkable neighbourhood.  


Greening Our Operation

Carbon Management: Since 2011/12, we conducted the very first corporate carbon audit covering our own and managed properties for demonstrating our efforts on the reduction of carbon footprint, the provisional estimated carbon emission from our own operations have achieved a year-on-year reduction of 4.9% in 2017/18. The energy intensity is slightly upward from 75.93 to 75.99 kWh/m2, due to the expansion of our physical boundary. Following the previous measures of carbon reduction, we had obtained a Carbon Reduction 5% Certificate for our headquarter office at COSCO Tower. URA will continue to strive for the improvement and minimize our carbon emissions. 

Waste Management: URA is continuously participated in HKAEE WasteWi$e Labelling Scheme for raising staff awareness and introducing other waste management measures for the betterment of our planet. We obtained the ‘Excellence Class’ Level by achieving nine of the goals covering reduced resources consumption and waste recycling.

Indoor Air Quality: To secure staff’s working environment safety and comfortability, we joined the indoor air quality certification to recruit external validators for environmental auditing, and we obtained the Certificates for our offices issued by the Environmental Protection Department.

Awards: To demonstrate our green leadership, daily green operations and synergy efforts with partners, the URA entered the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2017/18 and won the Certificate of Merit under the Public Services Sector, and gained the honour as a ‘Hong Kong Green Organization’.

2017 HKAEE Award

Our Environmental Initiatives: