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Preserving Local Economic Activities

URA has been striving for the preservation of local economic characteristics and its vibrancy of the streetscape. Prince Edward Road West and H18 Peel Street/ Graham Street are the typical projects of demonstrating our efforts towards retaining flowers shops as the majority of businesses and adapting tactical measures to keep the nearby century-old market intact respectively.

To extend and diversify the social fabrics, our leasing team invites related art, culture and community services providers to be our tenants to improve and cultivate our renewal area as a place of old meets new.

Graham Market


Facilitating Social Enterprises to Thrive

To support local charities, social enterprises and non-governmental organization serving our city, we are rendering more properties for concessionary tenancy to underpin their daily operation.

Prince Edward Road West Revitalisation Project

Up to July 2018, the URA has been:

Leasing to non-government organisations and Social Enterprises in URA properties 4,260m2
Leasing to non-government organisations in designated Government, Institution or Community areas 3,890m2