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Caring for and Inspiring our Next Generation

The URA formed its first-ever ‘oUR Amazing Kid Band’ in 2018/19, aiming to maintain the social network of the participating kids and their families in our redevelopment projects through regular training lessons, performances and other activities even after they have moved out from the project sites. In 2019/20, the Kid Band recruited six new members from the URA project sites in To Kwa Wan. Some of them had moved out of the project site but returned to the Band for regular trainings and networking activities. A total of three performances and two networking events were conducted in 2019/20, while another three performances originally lined up and scheduled for February and March 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To introduce the URA’s work and the significance of urban renewal to the general public, in particular our younger generation, the URA offered a series of education and extension programmes to the community and schools during the year, covering a wide range of activities from educational workshops for primary and secondary students to innovative design competition targeting tertiary students participants. Students were able to learn about living condition of people in the old districts and local characteristics during the programmes, and were inspired to explore innovative ideas and solutions that can alleviate the poor living condition, revitalise the old urban district while respecting the local characteristics, with an ultimate aim to facilitate a sustainable living.



Kid Band

Student workshop

Building our Capacity

Technology advances in leaps and bounds, staff members of the URA have to keep abreast of the latest innovations in order to optimise efficiency, effectiveness and impacts of urban renewal. In 2019/20, the training focus remained on facilitating our staff members at different levels to learn the latest technologies and reinforcing our staff members’ functional know-how and core competence skills in communication, stakeholder engagement, innovation, personal development and leadership. Around 12,500 training hours were provided for around 4,500 participants with over 60 new training programmes, visits and talks, mostly related to innovation and technology which could be applied to the work of the URA. An interactive Learning Platform has been launched in June 2020 to preserve the critical knowledge and project experience of the Authority and provide a user-friendly and flexible learning experience for all staff members.

The URA has also launched Divisional Career Ladders for staff to identify their needs for enhancing and developing their knowledge, skills and competencies in order to prepare for future career moves. A Successor Identification Model is under development to apply human resources data analysis to identify potential succession candidates for the managerial grade and above in order to formulate talent pools to succeed key positions. In addition to the Future Leaders Programme that develops promising General Managers and Senior Managers, a Manager Development Programme was launched during the year to identify and develop a pool of promising managers for our leadership pipeline.  



Staff training



Attracting, Motivating and Retaining the right staff

In a tight labour market, the need for effective means to identify, employ, retain and motivate the right talent remains high. In order to attract, motivate and retain young qualified professionals with satisfactory performance, combined establishment at Assistant Manager and Manager levels was introduced to allow more upward movement for these professional staff. Professionals holding key strategic positions were closely managed to ensure healthy career exposure and proper coaching. A two-year Planner Trainee Programme was launched to recruit fresh graduates of urban planning study with an aim to groom them into qualified urban planners who would be strategically important to our urban renewal process.



Building an Effective and Engaging Workforce

To strengthen internal communication across the URA, 12 issues of Staff Newsletter have been published since its introduction in 2017. In addition, our Staff Suggestion Scheme continues to invite ideas from staff members to improve work efficiency and effectiveness and to enhance a sense of belonging. Around 30% of the staff suggestions were assessed with positive impact and has been adopted in 2019/20.