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Greening Partner Charter

In connection with our aim to provide quality living environment through the urban renewal process, the URA has endeavoured to optimise greening in our redevelopment and revitalisation projects. We recognise the benefits of vegetation in regulating microclimate and improving ecological well-being of a place, and therefore have introduced various forms of greenery in our landscaped design in some projects. To support the collaborative effort in greening and tree management, the URA has signed the Greening Partner Charter.

Working with our joint venture partner, the Citywalk is one of the first developments in Hong Kong to incorporate a large-scale vertical green wall at a shopping mall. The Lee Tung Street and Kwun Tong New Town redevelopment projects will have extensive landscaped areas to create "green lungs" in the urban centres. To promote an appreciation for greenery, an "Art on the roof" program was organised at the Urban Renewal Resource Centre for the local community in 2013.