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Heritage Preservation & Revitalisation

Staunton Street / Wing Lee Street Project (H19)

Staunton Street, Sheung Wan
1,285 square metres (area excluding the existing streets and lanes within the site)
Existing GFA
3,049 square metres
Affected population
About 98
Affected property interests
Affected no. of street
19 street numbers of buildings
Nos. 88-90 Staunton Street
Nos. 88-90 Staunton Street
Nos. 4-10 Wa In Fong West
Nos. 4-10 Wa In Fong West
Nos. 64-66 Staunton Street
Nos. 64-66 Staunton Street
Community Farm
Community Farm

Community Making

A “Community Making Study” was commissioned by the URA to assess community needs as part of the revitalisation of H19 and its surrounding neighbourhood. The consultancy study was completed in mid-2019 and recommended 4 Urban Progressing Visions (“Knowledge Common”, “Impact Common”, Community Common”, “Wellness Common”) and 6 directions to guide the design and implementation of urban renewal possibilities. Details of the consultancy study can be found under “Related Documents”.

Building upon study findings, the URA collaborated with stakeholders to develop initiatives to the benefit of the local community, including the rehabilitation and revitalisation of existing URA-owned buildings within H19, as well as the creation of synergies with adjoining areas so as to bring overall improvements to the district through urban renewal and community rejuvenation at large.

To conclude and share the experience of community making and public participatory approach to urban renewal in H19, the Community Makers’ Guide which provides guiding principles for the understanding of community making as an area development model, has been published with an aim to inspire more people and organisations to join the journey of community making.  

For a brief introduction of community making, please refer to this pamphlet.

Project Status

Taken into consideration local views and aspirations in the Community Making Study, the revitalisation works of the URA’s acquired buildings in H19 were completed in February 2023. The domestic units in the revitalised buildings will be put to adaptive reuse as co-living spaces with common rooms and community farms under the management of the co-living operator(s) appointed. Concurrently, the URA has formed partnerships with buildings in the neighbourhood to promote and encourage rehabilitation works to improve the built environment.


The URA piloted a new holistic urban renewal model in H19, in response to public aspirations for the preservation of buildings within the site, and the Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Agenda tasking the URA to “…carry out further study with a view to revitalising the building clusters with special character and urban fabric under the whole Staunton Street/Wing Lee Street Project (H19) so as to promote place making and synergise with nearby revitalisation project”.  

Since January 2019, the URA has adopted a “community making” approach in H19 and its vicinity, and incorporated an integrated “4Rs” strategy to realise urban renewal within the neighbourhood.

On 3 November 2020, the Chief Executive in Council approved the Sai Ying Pun and Sheung Wan Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) No. S/H3/34. According to the revised planning intention of the area of project H19 in the said OZP, the Authority had decided not to proceed further with the project by way of a development scheme. Please refer to “Related Documents” for the relevant details in the Government Gazette.