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Heritage Preservation & Revitalisation

120 Wellington Street, 26A-C Graham Street

120 Wellington Street and a group of three pre-war shophouses at 26A-C Graham Street (part of the Peel Street / Graham Street redevelopment project)
No. of buildings
Model of future 26A-C Graham Street
Model of future 26A-C Graham Street
Existing buildings of Graham Street 26A-C
Existing buildings of Graham Street 26A-C
Wing Woo Grocery
Wing Woo Grocery

Project Status

Technical and detail design under review

Project Programme

Detail design and associated works targeted to commence by 2018.

Project Background

26A-C Graham Street and 120 Wellington Street are located within Site C of H18 redevelopment scheme. Understanding the significance of the street market to the local identity, the street ambience of Graham Street will be preserved as far as practicable. Apart from a caring approach had been adopted in the planning and design process (such as provision of market block and phased redevelopment to allows temporal re-site of those fresh food shop operators within the redevelopment site and interested to continue operating within the district, and implementation of market promotion campaigns to enhance the market vibrancy), as the street ambience were also defined by the streetscape, the façade of 26A-C Graham Street and building at 120 Wellington Street were proposed to be preserved as far as practicable. Also, hawkers were the main stakeholders for the street market although they were not within the redevelopment site, different initiatives such as provision of electric meters and enhanced pitch designs had been completed since 2010 to improve their operations. These initiatives, together with the provision of market block at Site B, will help to improve the living and built environment as well as preserving the identity of the place after the redevelopment.


120 Wellington Street

The Wing Woo Grocery at 120 Wellington Street is historically 3-storey high old shophouse within the redevelopment scheme area.  URA will preserve the building and adaptive reuse for ground floor shop as retail for 'Local chracteristic' business.

26A-C Graham Street

On the other end of the Graham Street near the Gage Street, the pre-war shophouses at 26A-C Graham street were built with stepping roof levels and elevation design to follow the gradient of Graham Street.  As part of our proactive efforts to preserve the streetscape, proportion and scale of the current main façade of the three shophouses will be preserved.  The buildings will be revitalized for adaptive reuse supporting the vibrancy of the street market along the Graham Street.