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Seven Tenders Received for Development of Four URA Projects in To Kwa Wan

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) received a total of seven tenders for the combined development of four projects[1] located at Hung Fook Street, Kai Ming Street and Wing Kwong Street in To Kwa Wan (the Development) when the invitation for submission of tender closed today (10 February 2022).

A tender review panel (TRP) under the URA Board will consider the tenders received and make recommendation to the URA Board for its decision on the award of the Development.

The URA earlier invited interested property developers/ consortia to submit Expressions of Interest for the Development.  After careful consideration of the Expressions of Interest received, the TRP invited 30 property developers/ consortia to submit tenders.

The four projects with a total site area of 5,438 square metres covering two adjoining sites, namely Hung Fook Street / Kai Ming Street and Wing Kwong Street / Kai Ming Street, were commenced between 2013 and 2017.  Upon completion, the two adjoining sites in total will provide a maximum total gross floor areas of 48,942 square metres.

The successful property developer / consortium will be required to construct the Development in compliance with the requirements of the master design control of To Kwa Wan district in Kowloon City as set out in the development agreement (the Agreement) of the Development to create synergy with adjoining development projects of the URA, allowing comprehensive restructuring and replanning of the area while enhancing walkability and connectivity.  The Development will also enhance the livability of the district by adopting place-making and smart initiatives.

In addition, the new development must comply with the standard and quality requirements, the environmentally sustainable provisions and smart provisions set out in the Agreement.

[1] Four projects include 1. Kai Ming Street Project, 2. Hung Fook Street / Kai Ming Street Project, 3. Kai Ming Street / Wing Kwong Street Project and 4. Wing Kwong Street Project.